How to find cleaning jobs

Most of the people are moving from traditional 9 to 5 jobs and finding freelancing opportunities including cleaning jobs. There are two things which are difficult when it comes to finding the cleaning jobs. The first thing that must be mentioned is that there is high competition with cleaning having low barriers to entry. This could be overcome with various selling points that you can have:

  • High quality service
  • Efficiency and great speed
  • Biggest team of workers
  • Low price charged
  • More trust
  • Convenience (for example, your own equipment)

And second difficulty is finding the cleaning jibs. You can go door to door and can personally introduce yourself and your services but it is time consuming. Villa cleaning companies in Dubai offer you good jobs with good salary packages. They make you special skills and services such as deep cleaning. Deep cleaning in Dubai is getting popular in UAE. Customers are taking interest in this kind of cleaning because it has so many benefits.

Here are some important tips to find cleaning jobs.

1. Try to contact other cleaning services

Best way to find the cleaning jobs is to get in touch with cleaning services near to your area. They can have great need of cleaning staff and would like to have you. You don’t need any training and you can start in few days.

2. Try to contact office buildings

Mostly large offices building provide their rental packages. They can have need for part timer to help out them with cleaning jobs. You need simple training that how to use the big cleaning offices machines such as floor buffers but need to learn quickly.

3. Build your portfolio

Mostly when people hear about portfolio they think about photographers or creative people who carry black folder  to show their work/ but it doesn’t have to restricted to those kind of industries. You can use by photographing a clients home before and after. You can offer this portfolio for free or for heavily discounted if owner give you permission. In this way you can build up your portfolio of before and after pictures of house that you have cleaned.

4. By contacting building management companies

Another best way to getting cleaning jobs is to find and contact to the building management companies. These building always need a valuable service and can have just opening for you.