Food safety measures and restaurant cleaning

When you are running a food business or you have your own café or restaurant then it is your duty to take care of the cleanliness of your café. The quality of food provided to your customers determine the quality of health of your patients. Cleanliness of your café and kitchen also determines the quality of food in your café. If you are giving quality food to your customers then you will maximum customers for your café. But if you have not hygienic environment in your café then you are selling diseases with food and gradually you will lose your customers. You can also get restaurant cleaning supplies from any nearby shopkeeper to clean your floors and other cabins as well. Here we have added some food safety measures which will help you to proper cleaning of your café. You can find out more in this article.

Clean the floors of your café:

When you are running your café then it is important to do proper cleaning of the floors of your café. For this you must hire cleaner who will do cleaning after few hours. The cleaning must be done by the brush and mop. Then antiseptics must be used regularly to get rid of bacteria.

Clean your kitchen properly:

When there are too many people working in a kitchen or there is a lot of food in the kitchen then there is need to do proper cleaning of kitchen. The food placed in the kitchen must be covered and there must be proper ventilation system in kitchen. The antiseptic must be used in kitchen at least 2 or 3 times a day. There must be proper disposal system of waste food.  It should not be wasted in the kitchen. And the trash bins must be kept outside the kitchen otherwise these will produce smell in kitchen and it will also irritate the workers there.

Neat and clean uniform:

Your staff makes the impression of your café among public. So you must make sure that they are wearing neat and clean uniform every time. You should provide at least 2 uniforms to each staff of your café.

Clean utensils:

You must make sure that the utensils used in your café are neat and clean. They must be properly sterilized as there are too many persons who are using these utensils. So you must sterilize your utensils.