Things you didn’t know about aroma candles

Scented candles are made with essential oils which contain therapeutic properties. Human psychology works in such a way that it associates certain emotions to certain senses and smell is one of them. Aroma candles have a strong hold on human mind and body which helps elevate the stress by making the body relaxed. Pleasant fragrances also have a tendency to change mood. Let’s see what else could be the reason for owning scented candles Dubai:

  • Different scents, different effects:

As suggested above, aromatic candles have affect on the body this is why they are used in different settings for different effects. Candles don’t just have a scent to be pleasing and make the environment feel good but they have different affects. Here is how you can treat different things through different scents:

  • Lavender is often associated with relaxed and soothing emotions and this is the reason you should be using it to cure headaches and relieving stress and anxiety.
  • If you are looking for something which will brighten up your mood and fill the space with energy then you should aim for citrus scents such as orange, lemon and grapefruit etc.
  • Vanilla is, as suggested by its name, a sweet scent which would add a soothing effect to the space the same way lavender would.
  • Have you wondered why some people’s place always smells like a bakery with aroma of cookies around? Well, this is because they use cinnamon scented candles. They are great in helping you concentrate and make the place smell inviting.
  • Jasmine is a very flowery pleasant smell which has a calming effect on mind. Maybe this is the reason that it is adored the most by many people.
  • With the holiday season approaching us, peppermint will be on the top of the list for everyone as it is a nostalgic smell which is familiar to everyone. Loving this smell is actually pass time of people.

If you really want to relieve the stress then you should try having a pampered night routine where it’s you, candles, your bathrobe Dubai and relaxing facemask. This is going to work like magic because often all we need is just alone time and thoughts to ponder over.

Night time routines are the best way to skip off life and enjoy yourself, same can be done with dinner dates for you.