A Look At The Expanding Healthcare Industry Of Dubai

The recently held Arab Heath conference has it that Dubai healthcare is indeed moving in the right direction. The summit kept a close watch at the progress and considered the availability of healthcare services in this city. The nature of affairs in this part of the world is such that the real benefits of improving healthcare will be enjoyed by local residents. However, that’s just one part of the equation and those working on work permit or have other arrangements can also get world class treatment. Part of that has to do with the discussions that took place at the current position of healthcare facilities and their availability to the masses. From the price of lifesaving medicine to the availability of common facilities, important aspects were discussed. The event concluded that the progress is satisfactory but more work needs to be done. Here is more on why Dubai is considered as one of the fastest expanding healthcare hub in the entire region:

A Glimpse At Medical Tourism

Though not a new concept, the medical tourism is perhaps best suited to Dubai no matter how you see it. The slogan is quite self-explanatory and has little to hide. Not to mention that it carries the true spirit of Dubai, one of the most diverse cities to live. The availability of such a diverse population is a huge advantage to this city. Similarly, when it comes to enhancing the medical and healthcare facilities, the city has a lot to offer. The aim is to turn Dubai into a major hub medical tourism by 2020 and if things moved along as nicely as they have so far, meeting the target would be easily done.

It is possible that some concerns are still there, and there is nothing wrong in it. Of course, having concerns is a sign that the industry is growing, and moving in the right direction. The cost of healthcare in Dubai is still not affordable. Though it is not much of an issue for a major chunk of the population, there are those who cannot afford it and the number is pretty decent. Suffice to say that the government of Dubai still has a role to play in this and bringing down the cost of healthcare and medical facilities, as well as medicines is a primary concern. Once that is achieved, it would satisfy many. In the meantime, remaining indicators are already acceptable.