How to add satisfaction and happiness to your life

All of us want to live happy and satisfied lives in which we would have everything, from A to Z. We all want our lives to have ample of things in the greatest amount. After all, larger amount make us happier. However, in actual it is not possible to have everything in larger quantities. It is not possible to have all things in life. And most importantly, it is not possible to achieve all things because they all are connected with and another. If you get one then there would be less ratio and proportion of achieving another.
Although, all is impossible, being happy is possible.

Happiness is to feel satisfied. And in reality nothing can make you satisfied unless you would not try for it. Your goals can only make you satisfied, but if your goal is related to materialistic things, then forget about satisfaction. Satisfaction is to have a sense of fulfilment and you will feel it when you realize that a human is complete living organism, unlike others who lack either brain or have little brain. When you realize the power of your brain and mind then you will come to know that you are everything either you have $1 or $1 billion dollar.

Over expectation is the key to all your problems and unhappiness in life. No doubt, unhappiness is important but too much can lead to negativity. It is the result of over expectation that people work more than the required hours due to which they have improper sleep. As we all know, improper sleep has a disastrous effect on the diet and lifestyle of an individual. You would eat more sugary foods and sweet to energize yourself because you might have to wake earlier again for the same work or something else, which all your loved ones and society could see in the form of wrinkles for which you go to Motor City Clinic or botox clinic Dubai for botox or iv therapy.

Happiness and satisfaction do not exist in the world. They exist in your inner world and you need to put in a bit of effort to attain them. Yet, the reasons might exist in the outer world, but it is also dependent on your perception as to how you perceive them and rewire them to trust on yourself one more time to give a chance to yourself and get happy one more time.